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Make Haste to be Kind

  • Elliott
  • August 25, 2011
  • 6

Love like There is no Tomorrow!

Eight years ago, a friend got up as usual, took her shower, and then sat on the side of her bed. She told her husband, “I am feeling light headed.”  She took two deep breaths and fell over, dead.

There was no time for her to call her daughter. There was no last kiss for her grandchildren. There was not even enough time to tell her husband goodbye, despite the fact that he was in the same room.

It seems every day in the news I hear of someone who just suddenly left this life, with no prior warning, no previous awareness. People who got up, thinking it would be “just another day,” but who never made it back to their same bed at night.

Such deaths always make me remember how precious this moment is. I suppose that is why I love sending cards to friends, picking up the phone to remind people that I love them, and finding other ways to let people know how much I appreciate their presence in my life. Aside from those of us who are very psychic, and oftentimes including them, we do not know which day will be our last.

Whether we stay in this physical experience for 100 more years or we leave today, it will all be but a wink of an eye when we return to Spirit.

Love NOW! It is all that is Sure.

I am renewed in my commitment to love today like there is no tomorrow.


What if we all made the same choice? 


WOW!  Can you even imagine the possibilities?

I will leave you to consider these words from Henri F. Amiel: “Life is short and we do not have much time to gladden the hearts of those who are travelling the dark way with us. Oh, be swift to love. Make haste to be kind!”


  1. I so often find myself saying Thank you to God for giving me the time I need to prioritize “being there” for other people. Not to say that I am as much “there” as I would like to be. But certainly it is this “make hay while the sun is shining” kind of attitude that helps me set and keep my priorities. Most of the time being kind is much easier than not being…all it takes is nice words and a little extra time! Thank you, Elliott, for the reminder and for being the Kind soul that you are! From you I always feel encouragement and wisdom! Much gratitude!

  2. Elliott….Thank you! I enjoy reading your words, they help me realize so many things. Most of all, that I am NOT alone in how I think about things. Know that you inspire others…and you may not even know it! Big hug to you! OOOOOOO

    1. Thank you Cindy. I really appreciate both the fact that you read my writings and that you took the time to comment.

  3. Thank you Elliott! Thanks to so many awaken people! We are LOVE and PEACE, and this is ALL that we are! Thank you for choosing to be born at this amazing time! Love and Light! Irina

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