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Spiritual But Not Religious

How I See Myself For years, when asked about my religion, I have replied I was spiritual but not religious. Recently, when I was doing some research, I found this is the fastest growing answer to the question of our religiosity; people who call themselves spiritual but do not consider themselves religious. Recently, I had… Continue reading Spiritual But Not Religious

Resist Nothing. Learn from Everything.

Every honest examination, into the requirements of living a value-filled life, contains elements of self-honesty. We cannot hope to live a life that has meaning if we are not able to be honest with ourselves. The challenge with self-honesty is that we must be able to be quiet in order to question the assumptions and… Continue reading Resist Nothing. Learn from Everything.

Being Needs no Defense

Yesterday I read a profound piece by one of my favorite authors, Jeff Foster, entitled: Awakening From The Dream Of Nonduality I want to share a part of Jeff’s writing here and I encourage all my readers to read his entire essay if this excerpt captures your interest as it did mine: Life gently whispers,… Continue reading Being Needs no Defense

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