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Thinking is Dangerous

It is not what happens to you, but what you think about what happens to you that creates your sorrow. You have heard these words, probably hundreds of times, if you have been on the spiritual path any time at all, but have you ever really integrated these words into your conscious awareness. Do you… Continue reading Thinking is Dangerous

Why I Share my Thoughts

A friend of mine recently asked me, “Why do you write and share your thoughts with people.” He added, “People are just going to do what they do, regardless of whether or not you offer a better idea. Plus,” he continued, “you said no one reads your blog anyway.” I replied that I share what… Continue reading Why I Share my Thoughts

The Holidays are Near, Time to Heal Family Relationships

As we head into the holiday season (Thanksgiving is only 6 weeks away for us in the U.S.) we face one of the most challenging times of the year; that being time spent with our extended family. In many cultures this is not a big issue but in the U.S. we have mostly moved away… Continue reading The Holidays are Near, Time to Heal Family Relationships

God Created me to ___________________

Yesterday I caught a glimpse of an advertisement for a reality show entitled something like “The Trappers.” The short ad featured a bearded man who made the following statement: “God created me to be a trapper.” He had more to say, but this was the take-away for me. This really set me to thinking. I… Continue reading God Created me to ___________________

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