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TRUTH is Unchanging

  • Elliott
  • March 24, 2011
  • 2

The TRUTH is Unchanging

We can never actually be lost; we can only appear to be lost because we have the freedom to forget what we are. Forgetting what I am does not, in any way, alter the Truth of my being.

I once knew a woman with dementia. Every time I saw her I spent more time trying to help her remember who I was, than I spent engaged in the purpose of my visit. The fact that I was a stranger to this lady, each time I showed up (for a pre-scheduled meeting) did not change the Truth that we had an ongoing relationship. Typically, by the end of our time together she would begin to remember who I was and why I was there, and then she would ask for another appointment. I would always say “Yes” and I would show up at my appointed time, only to begin the whole reacquainting process all over again.

One day, she refused to let me into her home. She did not know who I was and insisted that she had not written my name on her calendar, even though I always made sure she did before I left.

daily calendar, appointment

This was my final visit to this dear soul’s home. It took over 30 minutes to drive to her house, and I was not charging her for the energy work or the massages I shared at her request.

I do not know what became of her but I would imagine she was placed in some form of assisted living. I lost touch after that last visit. I tried calling a few times but she either refused to answer the phone or insisted she did not know who I was when she did pick up. My calling seemed to cause more stress as she became agitated when she could not remember who I was or why I would be calling her.

As far as I could see, this lady had very little in the way of physical possessions, but she often shared with me her fear that the neighbors or other people, who visited her, wanted her things. Near the end of our time together she would become quite offensive, whenever she was frightened.

When this client was not afraid, when she felt comfortable with me, she was the most loving and kind person imaginable. When she was forgetting, she was one of the most cold, mean-spirited people I have ever met. She was very challenging when she was in the grips of her dementia.

I think this story makes for a great analogy for our lives and our relationship to Source. When we remember who and what we are, our worldly identity dissolves in the Truth. When we are forgetting this Truth our worldly identity is all we have to fall back upon and it is filled with false and misleading memories.

Just as this lady was lost when she could not recall reality, so does it appear we are lost when we cannot recall our True nature. Being able to forget I am forever engulfed in a field of unconditional Love does not change this Truth. This ability is what lends freedom to our free will.

We cannot stray beyond the Omnipresence of Source; to be able to do so would invalidate the concept of Omnipresence. Such a belief has given birth to religions which insist theirs is the only “one” right way. No matter where we go or what we do we can never leave Truth behind; it is always with us. We can never outgrow its boundaries.

Forgetting or remembering, that’s all there is: moving with the flow or resisting it. Resisting never changes the flow, it only changes the experience of the flow.

I will leave you to consider this thought from Imelda Octavia Shanklin:

“Spiritually, what are you?

You are a soul that has forgotten its divine identity, a soul now struggling to remember, in the midst of time and in the confusions of experiences, that you are the living child of the living God.

Spiritually, you are an idea in the mind of God. That idea must be given expression in you.”

Our work here, if there is such a thing, is to remember the Truth and allow that Truth to express in all that we are and all that we do.


  1. thank you so very much for this beautiful piece as to WHO we really are!!! Last year at our local museum I repeatedly stood before the French painting “Truth” while a Paris exhibit was in Nashville. Your story takes me back to my experience with that painting, an experience I had forgotten ….due to Winter’s hanging on, a cold etc. Thank you!

    1. Thank you Dawn.

      We have glimpses
      We go back to forgetting
      We have dreams
      We go back to forgetting.

      I have no idea why we are that way
      Only that we are.

      It is always an amazing blessing to remember.

      I appreciate you!

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