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Life is a Journey, Not an Obstacle

  • Elliott
  • April 1, 2014
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Life is a journey, filled with myriad destinations:  some near, some far, some purposeful, others surprising. The journey itself is a paradox: Nothing is as it seems. The senses betray us, though not on purpose. The mind misleads, though without any malice or intention.

Many advise us not to think; but being alive requires an inquiring mind. Still others teach us not to reach conclusions, but the brain thrives on analysis and will often do as it chooses.


Others teach us to train the mind, and while I agree somewhat with this endeavor, I refuse to vilify this amazing asset.

Some teach that we must overcome the body, yet I find the body, and all the baggage it drags along, to be one of my most consistent and profound teachers.

Consider these words from Jan Phillips from her book Divining the Body:

We are not here to transcend life, but to be fully immersed in it. Our bodies are not something we must triumph over. They are the medium of our transformation, the cauldron in which the elements of heaven and earth are steeped until they transmute one day into the being of which we are now the embryo. The journey we are on is a journey to fulfill this destiny, and we accomplish it through remembering our true nature, not through learning.

facing left prayer

I agree with Jan. Life is not some obstacle to be overcome, neither is the body nor the mind. Life is for living, fully and completely, each moment of every day. If we find we have forgotten, temporarily of course, that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience (as Teilhard de Chardin taught us), and find ourselves believing in the limitations which our bodies and minds offer as reality, we do need to correct our thinking; but such belief is never some type of affliction which we must battle. Thinking that way leaves us feeling as though these wonderful servants are our enemies.

Our bodies and our minds are gateways through which we may savor our awareness of the Divine. They are not obstacles to be overcome; they are excellent servants which simply need loving, albeit firm, guidance.  Once we learn to fully love our bodies and our brains, we are poised to overcome the foolish notion that these helpful instruments must be conquered. Then the real fun begins and we may enjoy the dance which is our day to day experience, always moving us closer to becoming the LOVE we are here to express.


What peace we enjoy when LIFE itself becomes our song and YES our only dance.

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