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The Wisdom of Remembering

  • Elliott
  • August 7, 2015
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When we are still in the process of remembering who and what we are, we can be confused by the appearance of separateness. When we fully recall the Truth of our being, all sense of separation vanishes.

Think about these words from Tomas Stubbs:

Thanks to DasWortgewand on Pixabay
Thanks to DasWortgewand on Pixabay

You see an endless vista of mountain tops poking through the clouds. Hypnotized by belief that you are only the top of the mountain, you hardly even suspect your own depth. From this height it’s no wonder you feel isolated.

All it takes is to stop believing that limitation, and you begin to notice breaks in the cloud. When you stop living from the mind (just from the summit of the mountain), the cloud vanishes to reveal you are something far more vast.

Gradually you realize that the other mountain tops are like you, and eventually that all are connected, just ripples in one ground. Through acceptance of what is, acceptance of non-specialness, our true nature is revealed; To the mountain, the mountain top is just another rock.

Courtesy of JohnPriceOnline on Pixabay
Courtesy of JohnPriceOnline on Pixabay

When we actually awaken to the Truth of our being, we find ourselves like the Aspen tree which looks like a separate manifestation, to the naked eye, but just a little investigation reveals that entire groves of these special trees grow from one underground root system. At the core from which they arise, just as from the soul, which is the Truth of our being, there is only ONE. Everything is a manifestation of that Oneness.

I will leave you with these wise words that Tomas has shared on a page of his at :

“Awakening is a funny thing, it´s never quite what you think it is. Even after the fact. For the longest time it seemed like the essential shift happened in a moment of realization. Now I see that the realization was just a moment of crystallisation, the head finally got what the heart had always been yearning for, what it already knew.

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