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Still Learning to say “Yes”

  • Elliott
  • September 28, 2019
  • 4

When my kids were in grade school my family used to give the children’s teachers, the office personnel, and the principle gifts as testaments to our appreciation for their kind service.  One year I wanted to give each something really special, so I printed up gift certificates good for one full body massage or a Reiki treatment. I offered to do these in-home and I gave them a year to redeem the gifts.

By the end of the year, I decided we needed to choose different gifts. Not one of the teachers or other individuals utilized the offer to receive the massage or the treatment.

I reflected on this and reached the conclusion that the only logical reason one would refuse a free massage or energy healing session would be because of ignorance or fear. Either the recipients had no concept of how wonderful massage was, or they were afraid to try one for a variety of reasons.

This reasoning prompted me to do an analysis of my own life. I started thinking about the many times I had rejected gifts the universe had offered me. My excuses for declining these offerings were varied, but I noticed that a common denominator for me was a lack of willingness to stretch. I also noticed that for me a walk of faith, outside of my comfort zone, had accompanied every leap I had ever experienced in my growth.

I began thinking about all the ways I had said “no” when

I rejected a gift from the universe every time I:

  • Refused to forgive.
  • Made any choice out of fear.
  • Avoided a situation because I did not want to face it.
  • Dwelled on the past or worried about the future.
  • Chose to be less than honest because it seemed easier than being completely truthful.

It became really clear to me that the events we draw into our conscious experience are here to help us move towards mastery over our lives.

Today I choose to accept all gifts offered by the universe.  I vow to pay particular attention to any experiences I would “just as soon avoid.”  I am aware that everything I experience offers me a chance to choose Love.

Gee, it seems this is my lesson in all that I do.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Honor yourself and those around you by recognizing the truth of our nature and saying “Yes” to all the gifts the Universe brings your way.


  1. Thank you Elliott for helping me remember to say yes to all that the wonderful opportunities that the Divine Creator gives me.

  2. Thank you Elliott for helping me remember to say yes to those opportunities that the Creator presents to me. All of them.

  3. wow, just wow, I am going to say yes, and I thank you for helping me understand all has a purpose to moving em towards the truth I ask for

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