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Small “s” self is Ego

Recently, I read a news article which stated something like this: “Scientists have shown that, contrary to popular, modern philosophy, there not only “is” a self, but it is measurable.” I did a short search for the article but was not successful in locating it. The reason I bring it up, today, is because I… Continue reading Small “s” self is Ego

The Path to Enlightenment is not an Easy One

The path to enlightenment is an interesting journey. Most of us begin this quest driven by some vague, inner emptiness.  Although many people search, everywhere their intellect guides them, most stop before ever reaching any level of spiritual satisfaction. Assuming this premise is true, why would this spiritual prize be so elusive? The simple truth… Continue reading The Path to Enlightenment is not an Easy One

Spiritual But Not Religious

How I See Myself For years, when asked about my religion, I have replied I was spiritual but not religious. Recently, when I was doing some research, I found this is the fastest growing answer to the question of our religiosity; people who call themselves spiritual but do not consider themselves religious. Recently, I had… Continue reading Spiritual But Not Religious

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