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What “I Love You” Means to Me

  • Elliott
  • August 26, 2011
  • 6

Love is What I AM

It is interesting to me, as we evolve, how thoughts can change; how ideas can shift 180 degrees. Here is an example: When I was a teenager I was very careful about using the words “I Love You.” Loving someone was such a serious and complicated concept; I made myself promises that I would not say it, unless I really meant it. Of course at that time I had no idea what it meant to love someone, but I thought I knew and so I made up my own rules.

Today “I Love You” pops out of my mouth so easily that it can shock and/or surprise me. It’s almost like the watchdog which kept me from saying it, when I was young, totally abandoned its post, and now the words are free to show up in nearly any conversation.

Sometimes this utterance appears to make others uncomfortable. For that reason, I thought I would try to define what I mean when I say “I Love You!”

I find it funny that I can say “Namaste” to someone, and unless they have no idea what the Sanskrit word means, I seldom notice anyone taking offense; yet when I attempt to give voice to the love I feel inside, it can raise all types of red flags.

Namaste, should there be anyone reading this unfamiliar with its many definitions, essentially means “That which is Divine in me, recognizes and blesses that which is Divine in you.” My definition of “I Love You” means the same thing: “That which is capable of Loving without Conditions, in me, recognizes and honors that which is capable of Loving without Conditions in you.”

So, my expression “I Love You” is offered without any strings. Because I give this gift without regard to merit, there is nothing you can do to earn more love, nor will any action, on your part, result in less love being offered.

LOVE is the TR'UTH of our Being

Because you and I are One, my loving you is really me loving me. Since we are both One with Source, my loving you is really about me loving God, that unifying Field in which we are One. It really has nothing to do with how you look, what you do, or any of the other myriad conditions for which people typically extend or withdraw their love for one another.

I love you, just as you are, because that is what I Am. I Am Love, as are you. We are always expressing this Truth, whether we are Aware or not.

Saying I love you helps me reside in this Truth.

So, when I tell you that I love you, please do not apply your own story about what love is and what it means to love someone, to my words. I do not mean I love you in any restricted concept you may hold about these words. I do not mean I love you with the limited ideas about love I had when I was fifteen years old. I mean that I SEE you, I know the Truth of Who and What you are, and that I honor and recognize this Truth.


  1. Elliott, I SEE you, I know the Truth of Who and What you are, and I honor and recognize this Truth! Amen, amen amen! What beautiful encouragement it is to say I love you to someone or to hear those words or see them written to you on the page. Small kindness – little words – big effects. My mother cannot say I love you to me…well, unless I say it first. So I do. For some reason she is too inhibited to extend herself in that way. So I reach out to her – draw her into the flow and the safety of love, into our mutuality in love as mother and daughter. I believe that one cannot put enough LOVE out there! Which is why it is always a blessing when I see you and you are so free with your love-ness! My brother is like that too….resilient in loving! COnfident in your love identity. I have great admiration for your both and I do LOVE you very much! :)

  2. Peggy, You are always an excellent model of Love in Action. I love and appreciate you and thank you for sharing your loving Light here!

  3. Elliot – you are such a blessing. Thank you so very much. You are loved. I do love You. I have no problem telling people I love them and find it much harder not to say those words.

  4. I look forward to loving in the way you describe. I feel renewed and readied for what is next when I give and receive that unconditional “I love YOU.”

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