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Heaven is at Hand

  • Elliott
  • January 17, 2012
  • 6

To be In-Love is to experience Heaven.

I was not raised to think this way. It is something that life has taught me. I never believed in an afterlife heaven which some were entitled to and some were not based on the whims of some judgmental deity. That concept never resonated with me even when I was young enough to try to win such approval.

The only deity which has ever made sense to me is LOVE.

True LOVE is a concept that the human mind is simply not wired to understand. We try. We define what love is and what love is not, by the feelings that are attached to our experiences. If we are very wise and if we have lived enough life our thoughts may approach love without conditions; but the realization of LOVE, the creative force from which “all that is” arises, cannot be experienced by thinking.

Thinking, no matter how high the IQ or how gifted the mind is at processing information, is always based on time, it is always limited by the past it has experienced. LOVE is without time. It is without a past or a future. It is a noun not a verb.

I speak, quite often, of being In-Love and my meaning has nothing to do with what most humans define as love. Being In-Love is being in Heaven. Being In-Love is being in ecstasy.

A lot of people only experience ecstasy when in the throes of lovemaking or when they feel they are totally loved and in love with another person. This leads to confusion. This leads to expressions like, “Love is from heaven, but it hurts like Hell.”

The Truth is we can never be separated from LOVE, but because we define ourselves, the world, each other, and even love itself through thought, we can think ourselves in to and out of love. This type of love is a verb, it is a doing. We love this, we don’t love that.

LOVE has no opposite, it is all there is. It cannot be given. It cannot be withheld. It just is.

When we are In-Love, by which I mean being in the flow of LOVE, we experience Heaven. Heaven is always at hand. We try to work our way into love. We try to find love in things, in people, in religions, in practices, but any experience of love which is found outside our Selves is temporary.

LOVE is Eternal.

LOVE is always waiting, patiently, for us to say “YES” to the Truth of our Being, to discover the Self which is bigger than any idea we have of who or what we are.

While we cannot think our way into experiencing the LOVE I speak of, we do get a glimpse of heaven every time we love; every time we lose our self in any experience of beauty.


    1. is it a fineelg? can it be measured? is it instinctual? do we learn it ?is it a behavior? can it be proved to exist? if two people think different about its definition but still affirm to feel it what makes one right over the other? is it mere altruism? is it only unconscious selfnishness?

  1. What has become the truth to me is that Love is the energy (Source) of which we all are made up of. It is not static but ever flowing through us. All we need do is believe in it,know it and allow it. It is always there.

    1. Thank you Georgia. I agree. I guess that Love is really a noun and a verb when we are Living, Loving, Breathing, etc.. I appreciate you!

  2. Hi elliott, You really must visit iEvolve Global Practice Community. Here is a post I shared on ecumenicus from their site yesterday –
    Love breaks out…
    This movement of love and Eros, which is visible in third person from the simplest cellular level to the most advanced human level, is at all times felt in the second person as love. In the realized human being, love breaks out. This is, finally, love revealed. Because evolution is the constant increase of complexity—paralleled on the interior by the constant increase of consciousness, whose inner relational quality is love—in the evolved human being who has reached the level of self-transcendence, the operation of love itself breaks into consciousness and becomes a prime motivator for individuals.

    Your Unique Self
    Dr. Marc Gafni
    Page 120

    On a separate note – Alfred North Whitehead thinks all it aimed toward beauty which I say is the essence of relationship. When we feel that transcendence, that largeness or oneness it is that we realize our relationship with all that is. Whitehead said Beauty = harmony + intensity. I say harmony is the relationship and intensity is the eros, the longing. Longing + awareness of relationship = Beauty. In the transcendent moment we experience all 3 simultaneously! love you! P

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