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Just Because it Feels Good

  • Elliott
  • September 26, 2012
  • 14

It felt so good to get something published on my blog yesterday. As I stated I have been writing nearly every day but I have not wanted to share any of my writings. A couple of friends have been concerned about why I haven’t been posting and that interest encouraged me to go ahead and share some insight into my current psyche.

It astounded me how good I felt after exposing my “hiding” self through my writing. I tend to be a bit monastic. I spend day after day, home alone, engaged only in my inner contemplations and reflections. I am very comfortable with this arrangement, but I have noticed I am becoming more and more introverted. Recently at a gathering with some of Susie’s friends I found I had very little common ground and had a challenging time being present in conversations which did not interest me. I like to listen, but it works out better when I do not have to feign interest because the subject being shared is somewhat interesting. It is a little disconcerting that I am training myself to abandon my socialization skills. I have always been able to function well in group settings, even if I would just as soon avoid them.

Today as I received emails and twitter comments discussing what I had written I felt even more enthused that my message was appreciated by some friends and associates. It is kind of funny that one of the reasons I quit posting was because no one seemed to really care. Out of 20k+ followers on Twitter only about 8 ever clicked through to my blog and only 1 or 2 ever commented. Out of a mailing list of over 200 only 10% even opened the email and only 1 or 2 ever responded. I became frustrated that the work I poured in to writing and posting had such little impact.

Yesterday and today’s experience has reminded me that I write because it makes me feel more alive. I don’t know how many times I need to be reminded of that truth. Regardless of the number of people who find value in what I have to share, the sharing alone makes me feel better; it causes me to feel more excited about being here. For that reason I am going to try to share something every day (at least every week day) again so that I can recapture that feeling that I am giving what is mine to give. I hope to keep the postings shorter so that they will be quicker and easier to navigate, but I tend to be verbose when the words are flowing.

I am grateful for the technology which allows me to share my journey with anyone who has any interest. Those of you who read these words and take the time to share your comments are true treasures. Thank you for sharing your love and wisdom with me and all who happen across this blog.

I want to change the look and format of this blog but when I have tried that with other blogs I have lost everything so I am a bit hesitant. Hopefully, I will overcome my trepidation and this blog will have a new look soon. Until then know that you, whoever you are and wherever you are, are greatly appreciated for taking the time to read these words. While I write for me, it helps me feel more valuable when my thoughts have some positive impact on others.


  1. It was nice to see Secrets to Peace bubble up to the top of my blogroll and very nice of you to leave a comment.

    I also have a bunch of writing that hasn’t gone out – mostly in the form of posts sitting in “drafts” waiting to be finished. Everything in its own time, I guess.

    1. Hi David,

      Thank you for the comment and for the work you do to share Light and Love with us all.
      I am grateful for your consideration and for saying “Yes” to being the Love you are.


  2. Elliott,
    I always appreciate your writings, whether I respond or not. I do not possess the talent you have at putting my thoughts into words. You always give me something to ponder.

    Thanks for sticking with it.

  3. Oh gosh.. I’m really relieved to read that someone else is experiencing going inwards, I have a big issue with finding my courage to be the true light that I really am, when I’m with people. Facebook and twitter feels more safe arenas to share from, but in the “live” life..? I am to shy to speak up.. I feel more real when I can write my truth.. Dealing with the truth amongst people, where I can risk getting immediately respons, and I expect from my self to being able to deal with or answer back without making a total fool of my self (thats exactly where my fear is placed..) Thank you for reminding me that it is possible to share a littlebit, maybe twice a week, so that my “live” person and my facebook-personality can more easily merge together, and so that I one day could dare to shine instead of hiding my light. I have no respons to my “odd” truth-postings either, but I choose to think that it is because people feel that these spiritual truths are too much and too difficult to relate to.

    1. Thank you for being here Camilla.

      I am sure that when the time is right you will have no problem speaking your truth, live and in person. Until then I am grateful you are willing to do so over the internet.

      I appreciate you.


  4. Elliott, I love this post!
    I went through a similar frustration a while back and a dear friend reminded me that I don’t write for people who don’t get it and I don’t right for agreement or approval. I write because I have something to share. It created an immediate shift in me. As soon as I started writing from that perspective the inspiration got deeper and there was a drastic jump in readership on my blog. Most people still don’t comment, and that’s okay. They have their reasons. We will never know who was touched and inspired by something we wrote, but no one will be if we don’t share it.

    This post and the last inspired me to write something new today that I think you will relate to.

    Love and Hugs,

  5. I actually read your post before coming here and reading this. Yes, your post parallels my experience nicely. I am grateful for your presence and your wisdom Jacqueline. Thank you for being here.

  6. MY FRIEND, I LOVE YOU POST! I BLOG TOO, AND I GOT DISCOURAGED FOR THE SAME REASON. YOU JUST BLESSED ME. I LOSSE SIGHT THAT I DO IT BECAUSE THE EXPRESSION FEELS GOOD. PLEASE KEEP IT UP.THE “Resist nothing. Learn from everything ” blog was wonderful for me too. and i look forward to your tweets. From my heart thank you.

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