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Bucky’s Approximation of TRUTH

  • Elliott
  • July 24, 2015
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Buckminster Fuller has been touted as one of the greatest minds of the twentieth century. I will not go into depth about this man, as the internet is filled with information on him, but I will state that he is someone who greatly intrigues me. He had an amazing mind and his observations of everything spiritual always resonated with me.

Courtesy of VeggieGretz on
Courtesy of VeggieGretz on

I once read that he considered himself a verb, because he could never have been a noun, a “thing.” As you will read in a minute, he also considered the Universe a verb, because like himself, it was constantly evolving.

Today I want to share Bucky’s observations on Truth:


I have learned that truth
Is an omnipresent, omnidirectional,
Evolutionary awareness,
One of those myriadly multiplying facets
Discloses that there are no “absolutes”
– No “ends in themselves” – no “things”
– Only transitionally transformative verbing.
It seems possible to me
That God may be recognizable
In man’s limited intellection
Only as the weightless passion drive
Which inspires our progressive searching
For the – momentarily only –
And only most-truthful-thus-far-possible-
Comprehension of all the interconnections
Of all experiences.
It seems then to me
That the nearer we come to the
Orderly omni-interrelationships
Of all the weightless complex
Of all generalized principles
Which seem to be disclosed to us
As so important
As to be tentatively identified as God.
For it is the integratable interrelationships
Of all the generalized laws
Which apparently govern
The great verb “Universe
Of the vastly greater
– Because comprehensively anticipatory –
Verb intellecting
Which verb of optimum understanding
May be “God”.

Courtesy of Geralt on
Courtesy of Geralt on

It seems that Truth
Is progressive approximation
In which the relative fraction
Of our spontaneously tolerated residual error
Constantly diminishes.
–Fuller, R. Buckminster, & Dil, A. (1983). Humans in universe (pp. 188-189). New York, NY: Mouton.

I love the idea that as our understanding increases the distance between our intellectualized version of God (the God we create in our own image) and the Truth of the Universe, which is this Energy, diminishes. I can see this gap continuing to narrow with every ounce of wisdom we discover.

Take these words into the silence and see if they speak to you, as they do to me. As I have stated, repeatedly, I feel it is impossible for the mind, the human mind, to comprehend the Oneness of the Universe. As such, it is also impossible to put a concept which cannot be intellectualized into concrete terms. That said, I feel like Buckminster Fuller’s effort, in these words, approaches perfection as nearly as anything I have ever read.

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