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No Regular Post Today

  • Elliott
  • July 27, 2015
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My laptop, which has been steadily going downhill for the last year finally quit today.

I have ordered a new hard drive, ram and a battery for it in the hopes that I will be able to be up and running sometime soon. Of course, since I am replacing the hard drive and the manufacturer (MSI – Micro Star International) did not see fit to provide a copy of the Windows 7 disk, I also had to pay for new operating software.

Since I do all the writing on my laptop and my idea starters for the blog are stored there, I will not be writing for the next couple of days, until I get the new parts and are able to rebuild the computer. I have another computer I can use, but because I have spent all day attempting to get this laptop running and have new carpet coming Wednesday morning, I do not really have the amount of time I need to write, right now.

I am failing in my hopes of writing and sharing my thoughts each weekday but I will make up for it once I get everything back to normal.

For me, this is a great opportunity to practice living in peace, which is easier to talk and write about than it is to actually live. While I have been frustrated that my laptop has not cooperated today, I have not been so upset that I lost my sense of well-being. It is what it is and that’s just the way of it.

For today, just consider these wordsThe most important path we ever take is the one that leads to our center.

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