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Gratitude is All That Remains

  • Elliott
  • November 4, 2015
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You, beloved, fill me,
As nothing else can.
You transform my loneliness
Into solitude.
You incite my longing
To be an open vessel,
For your Life-giving essence
To flow in and through me
To show up
In my actions, my words,
My thoughts.

Thanks to VivitoArt on Pixabay
Thanks to VivitoArt on Pixabay

Oh, how painful it is
When my mind forgets
Your loving embrace
Experienced in silence.
Oh, how this “Me”
Fights for survival.
How my “I Am” dreams
Of being needed, wanted, desired,
When I have once again
Forgotten the Truth;
The Truth that
I can never walk alone,
No matter what
I think.

Thanks to huevocosmico on Pixabay
Thanks to huevocosmico on Pixabay

Who is this I
Who thinks;
Who thinks he is flesh,
Bones and fluids,
Who thinks “he”
Is a him, different than
A she or a her.
He who notices
The apparent space
Between two forms
And deduces that
Separateness is what is Real,
Who focuses on differences,
Instead of similarities;
Who seeks pleasure for the
Form, he thinks he is.

Thanks to Pixabay
Thanks to Pixabay

Fill me beloved
So that I may never forget
To see with my heart
And not through my eyes,
My ears, my touch.
Fill me like the wind
Fills a tree,
Like the sun
Feeds a leaf,
Like a wave
Completes the shore,
Full till is no me
To remember or forget,
To imagine
A past or future,
To dream, or hope
Or find anything, missing.

Thanks to Jill111 on Pixabay
Thanks to Jill111 on Pixabay

Fill me
Like new wine
In an old skin,
So there is no I
Which remains
But only
Nothing left to say
Nothing left to do
Just unchanging THAT;
Nothing, yet everything
Paradox consumed
In beingness;
Soul expanded
Chains released
Boundaries erased
Borders forgotten;
Beauty lived, breathed,
Integrated, owned,
And celebrated
Now and forever;
For they are one and the same,
Infinity in every instant
Time forgotten with form.

Thanks to Mikael on Pixabay
Thanks to Mikael on Pixabay

Gratitude is all that remains
With no “me” to be grateful,
Just Love,
Simple ISness,
© Elliott Teters 2015

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