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Enjoy the Holidays

  • Elliott
  • November 13, 2015
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This year’s version of the holidays are upon us, with Thanksgiving only two weeks away. This is a very busy time, for me, as many of my household projects must be completed before filling our home with family and guests. As such, it is highly unlikely I will have much time to devote to sharing here. I did want, however, to offer a couple of quick suggestions for embracing the next seven weeks, until we begin the year 2016.

Thanks to pixel1 on Pixabay
Thanks to pixel1 on Pixabay

1) Let the past live in the past. Take each day as a brand new event. If you have history with anyone you encounter during the holidays, suspend that memory and look at these individual with brand new eyes. Don’t bring up the past, do not judge them based on things which happened in the past, and take this opportunity to demonstrate your ability to simply be the greatest expression of Love you are capable of being.

2) Just walk away. When others insist on re-living the events of the past, you have the option of simply bowing-out. Say, “This year I am choosing to merely be here. I am not interested in dwelling in the past.” In this way you set the example and free yourself of all the painful memories which, in many cases, means suffering. If that group of individuals refuse to follow your lead, move on to other people with higher levels of consciousness; people who respect your insistence to stay present in this NOW. If you cannot find anyone wise enough to join you, spend the holidays by yourself. Be a leader, this year, not a follower, not someone governed by habitual behavior. Yes, your ego may want you to engage in the same old behavior which haunts your memories of holiday’s past, but you are making a different choice this year. You will, eventually, see the wisdom of honoring your commitment.

Thank you Geralt on pixabay
Thank you Geralt on pixabay

As I wrote here the holidays offer us a unique time to heal our old familial relationships. These relationships often offer us the opportunities for some of our most profound growth. I am a big believer in using every opportunity the Universe places before me for my growth, my evolution. I recommend you honor your self by making the same promise to your soul.

Have fun this holiday season. I truly believe that if you adopt these two easy steps, you may have your best holidays yet.

Unless I magically free up some time between now and the New Year, I expect this will be my last post of 2015. It is possible that I could find myself compelled to share something before then, but I leave that up to Spirit. If things go as I foresee them, accept my wishes for your best holiday’s yet and my promise to return to writing with a renewed vigor on January 2nd, 2016.

I love and appreciate each of you who take the time to visit here and to read my words. I am very grateful for each of you who take a moment to post these writings on one of your social networking sites. You help me to attract readership, which, I hope, helps the planet to grow and evolve closer to becoming the Greatest Expressions of Love we are all capable of becoming. I thank you in advance for this kind gesture.

Thanks kevindvt on pixabay
Thanks kevindvt on pixabay

However you choose to celebrate the many holidays, I offer you Peace and consider you my friend, a term I do not take or use lightly. Much Love to each of you.

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