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My 2014 Vision for Us

  • Elliott
  • January 1, 2014
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It is another New Year and I am more excited than I have ever been. I cannot say that I am enthused about anything in particular, just about life in general. I do have some simple goals, and I believe they are, for the most part, obtainable. I will not share them here, but I will with anyone who asks. 2014 500 pix new yearsI have only one New Year’s Resolution, the same one I have every year, and I will share that: “I want to take each and every day of this New Year, as it comes, and use it to help me discover how to become a greater expression of the Love that I Am.”

My New Year’s vision for each of us is powerful. Here is what I am going to hold as truth for everyone touched by this writing:

This year:

  1. You shall enjoy each and every day because, like me,  you are evolving into a greater expression of the Love you are. What is exciting about this is the fact that you will find great joy in the day-to-day process.
  2. You will discover that the journey to surpass your every dream is illuminated by beauty.  When in doubt, about any choices you need to make this year, you shall follow the course which you find most beautiful.
  3. You will find manifestation easier than it has ever been. You shall use this powerful ability to heal everything in your life which needs strengthening and empowering.
  4. Your heart shall continue to expand so that it becomes the master of your consciousness; replacing the brain as the center from which you live, move, and enjoy your day-to-day experience.
  5. Will be the year when you receive a new, unexpected vision for how you will use your gifts and talents for the remainder of your life. This is the year you will become highly skilled at saying “Yes.” Commit, right now, to saying “Yes” to all you discover about yourself as you open to these new, unanticipated possibilities.
  6. May you walk each day in Light and sleep each night in the Peace which enfolds those who live in-Love.
  7. I expect that you, your family and all of your loved ones will find 2014 to be the best year yet. praying hands 600

2014 will be a year of challenges, perhaps more demanding than most years. The wonderful thing about adversity, which we morph into blessings, is that there is so much joy to be discovered through the transformation process.  It is my prayer that each obstacle you encounter becomes a stepping stone to new, unexplored, and deLIGHTful territory. With that objective, each challenging circumstance becomes a profound opportunity.

This blessing is how I see this New Year to be. I will hold this vision in my daily practice for everyone who reads this post. You may want to print this out or store it to review on December 31st and then write to me and share your stories about how these visions have played out in your life. I look forward to an amazing year and I know I already see myself receive many stories which exceed my wildest imagination.


  1. I expect many blessing this year. I will be grandma for the first time–to twins! I will be leaving my job of 32+ years to be day care for the twins. The New Year’s vision you write about has special meaning for me.
    Thanks again for sharing.

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