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Life’s Greatest Mystery

  • Elliott
  • January 6, 2014
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Until we know God we will always be hungry.

The type of knowing I am speaking of is Gnosis. It is a knowledge which is felt and understood by the heart and soul, not by the head. The brain, the source of our human mind, will recognize that something, unnamed, is missing and will seek to solve this compelling riddle with all manner of solutions, none of which will satisfy our longing.

alone by the sea

What we seek, whether we are able to name it or not, is communion with our Source. Consider these words from John Kirvan in his book titled God Hunger:

We seek the God of the mystics who alone can make of us all that we are meant to be. We seek the God who can expand our souls to the point of bursting, the God whose gift of freedom shatters our every expectation, the God who is love writ so large that we will never exhaust its promises.

The God we seek is not the first cause, the last temptation, the chilly abstraction of the best our minds can do, but the subject and object of a passion that overwhelms us even as it releases the very heart of our fallible and finite humanity.

There is so much in these two short paragraphs. I think the imagery is just outstanding. We do seek an experience of Love, so complete, that our souls expand beyond where we surely feel we could burst. This is why we love “falling in love.” We are hungry for the ecstasy known only to the lover. To be so in-Love, always expands our sense of Self beyond our brains idea of human limitation.

Photo courtesy of barunpatro at sxc
Photo courtesy of barunpatro at sxc

Love, by its very nature, offers the freedom to release all expectation, allowing us, instead, to simply BE ONE in Life’s Flow, present in a manner that the human mind can neither understand nor control. One glimpse of this Peace which surpasses understanding and we can never fit back into the box which formerly defined our boundaries. Until that discovery, we will always have a longing which is nameless but nonetheless compelling.

In closing I encourage you to consider John Kirvan’s words again (from the same book): “What you seek on your journey is not a solution to a problem, not the answer to a question, but an encounter with mystery that will by very definition far exceed the best efforts of your mind, the uttermost limits of your imagination.” The experience of Oneness which will fill the void, you feel but cannot name, will be unmistakable. It will change what you know to be reality for the rest of your life. Life offers no greater pursuit.


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