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Time to Clear the Blockage

  • Elliott
  • August 1, 2014
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It is August first and once again I am absolutely astounded at how long it has been since I shared my thoughts via this blog. I write nearly every day but I have not shared my ideas for such a long time.Agenda

When we are called to do something, as I feel I am to share my writings, and we disregard said call, push it aside for other activities, we become dammed up. We are always creating, but we must be careful about what we are creating. The creative urges within us are so strong that they will continue to create with our without our participation.

When we refuse to answer our calling, for whatever reason, we become constipated: perhaps not actually physically, but mentally and emotionally. We can feel it. We see it in our inability to function at anything which we might term a “high” level. Our refusal to express our creative flow creates this constriction.

This type of blockage shows up in varied manifestations. At the extreme end is sickness and even death. The lighter examples are things like forgetfulness or a mere feeling that something, perhaps not quite nameable, is off. There are dozens of ways this stagnation may appear in between these two extremes.screaming

Just as our physical body is designed for movement, our creative impulses are gifts which are destined for expression. They are not meant to be kept secret. Nor are they satisfied to be pushed aside like some trivial but necessary task.

You know what I am talking about here. If you have ever allowed clutter to pile up in your basement or garage or maybe even your living room, you notice how quickly this unmanaged rubble can become an overwhelming burden. Unattended this untidy room can become someplace you do not want to enter or even gaze upon. When we avoid expressing our creative desires, for whatever reason, they become like this overcrowded room.

For me, I know I need to write and share my words. That is where my responsibility lies. When I get caught up in judging the words I am given it is just like refusing to enter or look at the room where I have allowed things to collect to an unhealthy level. Yet, that is what I do.

I write and I think, “This is written so poorly” or “Who would want to read this” but these thoughts, when honored, become bricks in the dam which block my creative flow. Day by day, I write and by refusing to share these thoughts I reinforce the blockage so that eventually nothing flows from my heart to my hands, from beyond the physical to the paper.

This is true for all of us regardless of the medium of the creative expression. When we refuse to share, for whatever rational or irrational reason, we erect very effective blockage which eventually pushes us away, just as the clutter in our “out of control” room prevents our entry.push back clutterIt is my intention to share something each week day in August so that I may break the dam and get my creative juices flowing again. I need to do this in all the areas of my life. Perhaps I will even take on the clearing of clutter which has accumulated in my garage recently.

It is difficult to write every day, at least to write something worth sharing. It actually takes me longer than one would expect to post, find some pictures to make the post more attractive, and then also send out an email declaring the presence of the new post to my subscribers. But I am going to do just that for at least a month. I want to get back to sharing my thoughts and observations every day for a year, but we will start with my commitment for this month.

It is my hope that I come up with things to share which are worthy of your time, but regardless I need to post. I am feeling stuck and congested and need to clear this blockage. Thanks for sharing my journey with me.

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