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Releasing Judgment

  • Elliott
  • August 4, 2014
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Have you ever heard of something dreadful happening to a friend or someone you know to be a kind or generous person and felt or maybe expressed some form of the question, “Why do bad things happen to such good people?”balanceFor the purposes of discussion I want you to consider the reverse, “Why do good things happen to bad people.” In fact, in my life, I just recently heard a discussion, which went something like this: “How does that guy keep making so much money when he is so unscrupulous?” The implied, unstated question, of course, is why does this unsavory individual “deserve” such goodness? Isn’t it obvious, after all, that people of dubious character should be denied life’s blessings?

Many such beliefs were given to us by parents and extended family members before we were even old enough to decide for ourselves whether or not they were valid. The Truth is that all such judgments create suffering for us. When we judge some events as good and others as bad and somehow feel justified in deciding which humans deserve one or the other, we set ourselves up for needless misery.young girls read

Life is so much easier when we simply allow “what is” to be as it is without interjecting any personal values to the mix. Judging something which happens as good or bad is always a reflection of our own spiritual maturity and is never an actual indictment of the true meaning of the circumstance.

As we grow spiritually we learn to simply allow life to unfold without our ongoing insistence that we are somehow in a position to determine what is or is not fair and which people “deserve” life’s ups or downs. Such awareness offer’s us peace which is beyond the understanding of our previously judgmental mind.

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