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Serendiptous Blessing

  • Elliott
  • February 22, 2013
  • 1

I love the way life is so serendipitous. I wrote yesterday’s piece about needing some sort of Truth, something we absolutely KNOW to cling to when life appears oppressive.baggervance_book

This morning I was getting close to the end of The Legend of Bagger Vance by Steven Pressfield and I read the following:

“Forget all else, Junah, but remember this: You are never alone. You have your caddie. You have me.

More devoted than a mother, more faithful than a lover, I stand by your side always. I will never abandon you. No sin, no lapse, no crime however heinous can make me desert you, nor yield up to you any less than my ultimate fidelity and love.

Who walks his path beside me

Feels my hand upon him always.

No effort he makes is wasted,

Nor unseen, unguided by me.

Therefore, Junah, rest in me. Enter the Field like a warrior. Purged of ego, firm in discipline, seeking no reward save the stroke itself. Give the shot to me. I am your Self, the Ground of your being, your Authentic Swing.”caddy 2I read this and I just smiled. “Yes” I thought, bowing silently to Steven Pressfield for bringing the TRUTH of the ONE-SELF into a golfing metaphor.

This, my friends, is the anchor that will never abandon you. Invite this into your consciousness so completely, that neither dependency, depression, nor despair can dim the LIGHT which burns inside you.

Simply give your every moment over to Life itself, seeking nothing but to be the most authentic expression of your SELF you are capable of being, and you will never be lost. I speak from experience when I tell you this. I have lost my way many time’s, in many ways. My one saving grace has been the persistent inner-knowing that I AM and always have been more than my mind comprehends.

So are You! I promise.

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  1. I just reached the same part of the book and had the same experience as you describe. I walked over to my computer to search the verse and found this webpage. There are no coincidences. I love what you wrote about giving every moment to life – Hold nothing back. =] <3

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