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Imagine Your Return to TRUTH

In Love Without Conditions, Reflections of the Christ Mind, Paul Ferrini asks: “Can you imagine a world in which each person understood that his only responsibility was to give and receive love?” Well, can you? The plain and simple Truth is this: Our ONLY responsibility in life is to be the LOVE that we are.… Continue reading Imagine Your Return to TRUTH

Heaven is at Hand

To be In-Love is to experience Heaven. I was not raised to think this way. It is something that life has taught me. I never believed in an afterlife heaven which some were entitled to and some were not based on the whims of some judgmental deity. That concept never resonated with me even when… Continue reading Heaven is at Hand

Prejudice Separates

Prejudice is never intelligent. Prejudice is born of ignorance; Applying one observation To a whole class of individuals. Prejudice is embraced by small minds, who, in their fear, in their longing for safety, Are too shallow to realize, too UN-enlightened to understand that true safety exists only in openness:  in open minded, open hearted Expanded… Continue reading Prejudice Separates

Forgivenss, The Greatest Secret to Peace

Forgiveness offers Transformation When we look at humanity it is easy to take notice of our differences. Different genders, different races, different values, different passions, different habits, I could go on all day listing differences. There are whole careers which are built on discovering and exploring people’s differences, even within small subsets of society. But… Continue reading Forgivenss, The Greatest Secret to Peace

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