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Love is the Only True Religion

Love is the one true religion, in my humble opinion. True because Love is the only path to true freedom. Consider these thoughts: Love forgives     even when I feel hurt     because forgiveness sets me free. Love communicates     since wisdom has taught me     that Healing is born in dialogue. Love forgets    … Continue reading Love is the Only True Religion

Happiness is a Choice

Today I want to briefly examine happiness versus pleasure. Happiness is such a broad topic; I find it remarkably difficult to approach. In the past when I have discussed happiness I have received considerable criticism, mostly from people who disagreed with my perception of what it means to be happy. Happiness is an individual endeavor;… Continue reading Happiness is a Choice

Hope: Friend or Foe?

I have always been a “glass is half full” type of person, but sometimes I wonder if a “glass is half empty” personality leads one to more peacefulness? I know people who make no effort to find blessings in all of life. I have always looked for the treasure in every experience, even if I had… Continue reading Hope: Friend or Foe?

Examination of the Hsin Hsin Ming – Day One

For the rest of this week we are going to look at a writing called The Hsin Hsin Ming — Verses on the Faith Mind by Chien-chih Seng-ts’an, the Third Zen Patriarch. I would share it all, in this one post, but it is thirteen pages long and by the time I add my comments… Continue reading Examination of the Hsin Hsin Ming – Day One

Focus on the Miraculous

While looking through a book titled This Incredible World: The Wonder of Being Alive published by Norcross Books I read this poem by Walt Whitman: Why, who makes much of a miracle? As to me I know of nothing else but miracles,                          Whether… Continue reading Focus on the Miraculous

Forgivenss, The Greatest Secret to Peace

Forgiveness offers Transformation When we look at humanity it is easy to take notice of our differences. Different genders, different races, different values, different passions, different habits, I could go on all day listing differences. There are whole careers which are built on discovering and exploring people’s differences, even within small subsets of society. But… Continue reading Forgivenss, The Greatest Secret to Peace

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